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I pretty much design everything in Canva… website headers, youtube thumbnails, pinterest pins, social media graphics, you name it. Just look up ⬆ there, over ➡ there, and down ⬇ there for different examples.

I learned of it early on in my freelance career and I’ve never looked back. It’s been my constant companion over the years and I figured it was time to do some Canva tutorial videos.

Canva is so great in making non-designers, look like designers. But there is still a lot to learn as a newbie figuring out how to use the platform and make designs for the first time. Which is why I put a series of Canva how to videos together to fast track beginner Canva users through the learning process.

These are the best Canva Tips and Tricks to learn right off the bat. And I’m sharing all of them with you!

Get started below with this Canva for Beginners series. (PS- these are all Canva YouTube Thumbnails 😉 )

5 Canva Tutorials for Beginners

Canva Tutorial for Beginners | The Basics

In Canva Tutorial Video #1, I Cover

  • Creating your brand kit
  • Navigating the Homepage
  • Choosing a Design Type
  • Using Lines to Center Assets
  • Changing Colors, Font Type & Size
  • Changing Photos & Photo Edit Options
  • Adding Elements
  • Changing Background Color
  • Uploading your own Photos

Canva Video Tutorial| Time Saving Essentials

In Canva Tutorial Video #2, I Cover…

  • Grouping Items
  • Duplicating Pages
  • Copying Designs to Different Sizes

YouTube Canva Tutorial |Downloading Options

In Canva Tutorial Video #3, I Cover…

  • All your downloading options
  • How to download multiple designs
  • How to download only one design

Canva Tutorial YouTube | Sharing Designs

In Canva Tutorial Video #4, I Cover…

  • How to share designs
  • Where to find your designs shared with you

Canva Design Tutorial | Using Video for Pinterest Pins

In Canva Tutorial Video #5, I Cover…

  • How to create video designs
  • Two different ways to download video designs

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