Want To Work Remotely So
You Can Travel More Freely?

Get a step-by-step system to work from anywhere, increase fun while being productive, and feel at home all over the world.

Viola Traem

“Speaking to Tayler and getting her advice and coaching has been invaluable in helping me gain clarity around what my travel life could look like. Especially her practical tips and resource recommendations have really helped me flesh out a clearer picture of what I would like my digital nomad life to look like, what options I have and what it would cost. All her suggestions meant that I made concrete travel plans and put provisions into place for my biggest fears around loneliness on the road as well. I felt really lost in making my wish of a digital nomad life a reality and Tayler really helped me make the next couple of concrete steps towards getting the lifestyle that I want.”

You want to travel but you’re trapped in a single location lifestyle.

Or at least it feels that way…

You’ve seen people online living as digital nomads, but you still can’t seem to figure out how to do it.

Meanwhile, the thought of spending another day staring at cubicle walls feels like too much!

The good news is, you most likely already have the skills and capabilities to work anywhere and live everywhere.

You’ve probably been dreaming about doing it for a while…

You’ve Googled it a thousand times, but never pulled the trigger…

Maybe because you just need help.

Or maybe because the thought of leaving your comfort zone and embracing a life filled with new experiences still just feels impossible or terrifying.

A woman casually stands in an infinity pool looking over her shoulder with the sea in the background

I remember when I was stuck.

I wanted to explore Asia Pacific because I had heard amazing stories and was ready to experience something completely different to what I knew.

Here’s what happened…

I applied for a working holiday visa, quit my day job, booked a one way flight and never looked back.

But I know how scary that first trip can be and how many questions you have!

Having been in your shoes and coming out the other side, now facilitating large groups of travelers overseas full-time as I travel the globe (30 countries & counting),

I realized there are only a few key things you need if you’re looking to take the leap.

The Only Things You Need Are:

1. Make a transition plan
2. Establish your online income
3. Decide when and where to travel
4. Learn to connect with your ideal community
5. And go!

If you’ve ever felt…..

  • overwhelmed by all of the information you find online on how to get started as a nomad


  • unsure how to translate your remote job into a life where you can live and work from anywhere in the world


  • the travel lifestyle will be lonely and you’re afraid you won’t have a strong community


  • a craving for freedom that makes you feel connected to the world

This is for you.


Work Anywhere,
Live Everywhere

Inside this 60-Day Freedom to Travel Program, you’ll learn to master the Work from Anywhere Lifestyle, including…

How to transition to a full-time travel lifestyle, budgeting and finances, remote work productivity, travel logistics, how to save money on the road, building community
and more!

I’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. In Freedom to Travel I give you all of my proven strategies to work and live anywhere.

What You’ll Receive

60 days of Digital Nomad coaching

Regular Zoom calls & weekly checkins to stay on track

WhatsApp support (M-F) for all the extra questions

Travel Toolkit (apps, software, and tools for traveling)

Location planning to make sure your new lifestyle fits into your travel plans

Tailored advice for managing your life as a Digital Nomad

What’s Included

Module 1 : Prepare

Mindset and preparation are both extremely important to your success.

  • Design your dream lifestyle
  • Identify obstacles & how to overcome them
  • Form the right mindset
  • Respond to fears & criticism
  • How to leave your stuff behind and prepare for the future

Module 2: Money

We’ll go over all things money management and handling finances on the road.

  • How to budget & save money on the road
  • Travel credit cards / points
  • Create additional income streams
  • Taxes for digital nomads

Module 3: Destinations

Travel logistics and what to expect when working while traveling.

  • What to consider in a work location
  • Popular Nomad Destinations 
  • Choose the best flights & accommodation
  • Safety for women & solo travelers
  • Handle unexpected Issues

Module 4: Work Productivity

You’ll learn how to manage your work while constantly moving around and my best productivity tips.

  • Manage your schedule with time zone differences 
  • Effective communication for remote workers
  • Productivity hacks & how to work from ANYWHERE
  • Digital security

Module 5: Community

Life on the road can be lonely but it doesn’t have to be, I’ll show you how!

  • Connect with your ideal community
  • Coliving and coworking spaces
  • Overcome loneliness
  • Dating as a Nomad

Plus you’ll get access to these Bonuses!

Finally Fully Remote E-Course 

Packing Tips & Checklist

15 Travel Must Haves

Travel Budget Template

This is the exact program I wish I had when I was getting started as a digital nomad!

Hi, I’m Tayler!

  • I’ve been a full time digital nomad since 2018, building my freelance and other online businesses while I navigated being on the road.
  • My 7 year corporate career was coordinating study abroad programs for 300+ students/year, facilitating their travels and supporting their goals.
  • Right after graduating college, I took an internship in London living, working and absorbing the culture of a different country.
  • I also spent a year working remotely for Hacker Paradise as a Community Facilitator leading and supporting groups of remote workers and other nomads all over the world.
  • I’ve been traveling internationally since I was 16 and it has transformed my entire life.

    I currently live and breathe the work from anywhere lifestyle. Embracing the digital nomad lifestyle has given my life purpose, and I want to share that with you!

    A girl jumping in the air with both hands up with a mountain backdrop

    This is for you if….

    + You are ready to become a digital nomad NOW and don’t want to waste time reading endless blogs and/or watching videos

    + You are early in your digital nomad journey and aren’t 100% confident in navigating all the ups and downs

    + You want to become a digital nomad more than anything but have some fears and questions holding you back

    + You want expert guidance from a full-time digital nomad during this lifestyle transition

    This is not for you if….

    You aren’t ready to be a digital nomad within the next 6 months

    – You’re more interested in excuses than taking action

    – You haven’t identified any potential source of online income

    Digital Nomadism is a lifestyle, not a job or a status.

    This is a fast paced, action based program intended to get you started today. 

    Being a digital nomad has always been an interest of mine however there seemed to be a ton of obstacles and many unknowns. With Tayler so much was cleared up. She was able to go into great detail about my questions ranging from taxes, to visas to even healthcare. Just like that the obstacles disappeared. If you have any interest in learning or living a digital nomad life give Tayler a call!

    - Jerrod Crook

    I was feeling quite stuck and looking to make a change and Tayler was an invaluable resource. Through my conversations with her, I gained a better understanding of what I was really looking for and how I could reframe my mindset to obtain it. I was stuck in a negative mentality but she pointed me in the right direction. If you have no idea where to start or just want some guidance, I couldn’t recommend Tayler more!

    - Cory Parkinson


    Have a question? I have answers. If you don’t see your question here, reach out to me at tayler@taylergill.com to get more details and make sure this program is right for you.

    Q: I have questions about my specific situation. Can we talk about it?

    I understand that the program is a big investment and commitment and I want to make sure it’s a good fit for you. Please send an email to tayler@taylergill.com and we can schedule a time to talk and better understand your situation. 

    Q: If I don’t want to be a full-time nomad, is this program still right for me?

    Yes! There is no right or wrong way to be a nomad. We can explore all the ways to travel together and come up with the best plan for your lifestyle desires.  

    Q: I am already a digital nomad, does it make sense for me to do this program?

    This program is geared towards people just getting started. However, if you’ve been nomadic for less than a year, it might absolutely make sense! The digital nomad lifestyle has a LOT of moving pieces that are only learned from experience. 

    Q: How long do I have access to the online material?

    You can keep your login access for as long as the course exists online. This means you don’t need to worry about rushing through the content, and you can always revisit any lessons you need to touch up on later.

    Q: What does the next program start?

    The next program will start on Monday, September 12th, 2022! Apply now to secure your spot.