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The # 1 question I get asked by family, friends and even other travelers is whether or not I get lonely traveling. It’s a hard question to answer for multiple reasons, not least because it’s extremely vulnerable to admit.

But I think it’s important to talk about ALL the facets of the the digital nomad lifestyle and that includes talking about loneliness.

How to Build Community on the Road

In last week’s video on the cons of being a Digital Nomad, I talked a little bit about loneliness, but I don’t really go into too much detail.

I just kind of said there’s highs and lows that you go through when you’re traveling. And those highs and lows can look different for everyone.

But I didn’t want to leave it there. I wanted to also give practical tips for when you are traveling and how to actually build community to combat the loneliness.

So today I’m sharing 8 different ways to build community and make friends while you are traveling around the world.

The 8 Tips Shared in the Video Are:

1. Join a Travel Group

2. Join a Local Facebook Group for Expats and Nomads

3. Checkout local events hosted by hostels

4. Volunteer at a local animal shelter

5. Work from a coworking space

6. DM other travelers in the area in Instagram (follow me @travelingtayler)

7. Don’t be shy

8. Attend a Nomad Conference

Get your free community building download here with links to the best travel groups, facebook groups and coworking spaces around the world.