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Ready to really work anywhere,
 and live everywhere?

You want to work and travel but… 

You’re scared of the unknown.

On top of that you’re, overwhelmed by all the information you find online and the fear of changing up your life so drastically. 

I know how SCARY this prospect is and how many questions are running through your head. 

Fear is the number one reason so many people never end up pursuing their dream lifestyle.

Did you know that the number of Digital Nomads has doubled from 4.8 million in 2018 to more than 11 million in 2021? 

If these millions of people can figure out how to do it – so can you! 

This online program will eliminate your fears and answer ALL of your questions about the digital nomad lifestyle.

You can keep attempting to fill your sense of wanderlust and try to convince yourself that the life you have now is enough for you… 

Or you can choose a new path.


Imagine feeling…

  • Confident in knowing the EXACT the steps to take based on your anywhere work goals
  • Clear on how to manage all the practical aspects of life while you bounce around living everywhere you want
  • Fulfilled by new friendships and surrounded by a strong, like-minded community
  • Connected to the wider world and being presented with opportunities you never dreamed possible

This isn’t some far off dream.



Inside this course, you’ll learn to THRIVE in the Digital Nomad Lifestyle.

It has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. 

The Freedom to Travel program is the best place for all aspiring or new digital nomads to find their feet.

What You’ll Receive

A complimentary onboarding calling with Tayler

15 lessons of online content guiding you through the 3 Phases of the Program

Worksheets, videos and guides to help you work through your fears and overcome obstacles

Library of travel apps, software, and tools to save money

Guidance on finding a remote job and/or starting an online business

This course was made for you if…

+ You are ready to become a digital nomad NOW and don’t want to waste time and money reading endless blogs and/or watching videos

+ You are early in your digital nomad journey and aren’t 100% confident in navigating all the ups and downs

+ You want to become a digital nomad more than anything but have some fears and questions holding you back

+ You want expert guidance from a full-time digital nomad during this lifestyle transition

Ready to stop dreaming and start living your dreams? 

Become an expert Digital Nomad and confidently transition to a life working from anywhere and living everywhere.