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Nothing in life is all positives with a little trade off. Like with any lifestyle there are pros AND cons to choosing it. Just make sure that whatever you choose, the pros outweigh the cons.

I believe that before you make a full lifestyle transformation (because being a Digital Nomad is a lifestyle choice) that you should have a full and clear picture.

Which is why I created a 2 part Digital Nomad Pros and Cons video list.

In Part I of the Pros and Cons, I share about the 6 best things to being a Digital Nomad and traveling the world. They are:

1. Always Having New Experiences Available
2. Meeting & Making New friends around the world
3. Opportunity to Grow & Learn about Yourself
4. Practice New Skills
5. Learn about the World
6. Learn to Trust Your Intuition / Feel More Confident

In Part II of the Pros and Cons List, we take off the rose colored glasses and share the not so obvious and challenging aspects to the work from anywhere lifestyle. These are the things the Bali bros and IG influencers don’t tell you about the lifestyle, although they are common conversations we have among the community.

They are:

  1. Dating is hard 
  2. Keeping existing relationships is also hard
  3. Your grow in ways your “home” isn’t 
  4. Can be hard to go back after growing so much
  5. Loneliness/exhaustion are real
  6. Less home comforts on a regular basis

What do you think?! Leave a comment 👇 of what value being a nomad has brought your life or what challenges you face.