Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below. This means that if you make a purchase, I may receive a small commission.  But these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

Health Insurance


I did a lot of research on travel medical insurance before I left and felt that SafetyWing offered the best value for price. It’s the insurance for Nomads by Nomads and only costs $37 every 4 weeks.

Credit Card


The Chase Sapphire is my preferred credit card and that of other nomads as well. No foreign transaction fees, 2x points on traveling and dining & travel and purchase coverage for things like trip interruptions and car rental collision insurance.


Away Travel

Away is a travel luggage company for travelers by travelers. They sell directly to their customer cutting out any 3rd parties which helps keep their cost down. They sell online or through the handful of physical stores across the United States and expanding internationally. Their lifetime warranty policy makes purchasing their luggage a no brainer.

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There are AirBnb hosts ALL OVER the world. No matter where it is you want to stay there is someone who is willing to open their home. I’ve used Air BnB for work travel all over the US and vacations in Europe, Asia and New Zealand. Fun fact: I was an AirBnB host myself for 2 years!

Join today and get up to $55 off your first trip.



If you are traveling on a budget then hostels are good alternative to AirBnB or hotels. Again, I’ve used hostels all over the world and never had any issues. Hostelworld.com is the best site for finding and securing them. You get to see pictures, read reviews, and filter the results based on your required facilities.


Flight Searching


I start all of my flight searches with Momondo. I feel like it always finds the best deals. You can also search to/from multiple airports so if there are multiple large airports around you and you could leave from/fly into any of them it allows you to search up to 4 at one time.


Kiwi.com allows me to put in a general search term like “Western Europe” or “South East Asia” in the to/from fields and let me see where the best deals are. It’s great when my plans are wide open and I know the general region but not the specific place. It’s a great site to do some research and start narrowing your options.

House Sitting


The very first platform I joined was House Carers and I’m still a big fan. It’s an international platform with sits available all over the world. It also has one of the smallest yearly fees.


Nomador was the second international platform I joined and I’ve had a lot of success with it. It took me a little longer to get going with it, but I’ve secured many great house sitting jobs through the platform from Vietnam to Switzerland.


I was a bit slower to join Trusted House Sitters, but there is no denying they have an abundance of sits all around the world and in some highly sought after areas like New York City.  It has a higher membership fee than others, but 


If you start to do a lot of house sitting than House Sitting World is a super helpful platform to keep all of your sits organized! Many sitters are on multiple platforms and may be in different stages of planning. House sitting world helps you keep everything in one place from your platform profiles, to sit information to travel details.

You can also create “sit alerts” if you are looking for a specific one and it will email you the moment it gets posted on any of the platforms. Since applying early is critical this is an amazing feature.

Online Courses & Ebooks


Created by the lovely Nat & Jodie, Freedom HQ is your one stop shop to building your freedom lifestyle. It includes their online courses to the House Sitting Academy and the Roaming Income Club plus numerous discounts and other products they’ve created. It’s literally a freedom lifestyle bundle for those ready to get started.



Also created by Nat & Jodie, the Travel Lifestyle Plan is a free ebook they put together to help you create the perfect plan to get your travel life off the ground.


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