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The Power of Pinterest

Have you recently discovered the power of Pinterest for your blog?! 

When my blog was brand new and still building up SEO and link juice, Pinterest was my savior with starting to get some traffic and traction and not losing hope.

In fact, it’s still a big leader in traffic to my site as I continue to build up my organic traffic reach.

Social channels account for 18% of my overall traffic and of those channels, Pinterest accounts for 81.6%.

User acquisition overview by type As of Sep 2020
User acquisition for each social channel as of Sep 2020

These are my personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members.

But I don’t spend hours on Pinterest everyday. In fact, I only spend about 5-10 minutes every day about 5 days/week. 


I use the Tailwind app – a social media scheduler- to plan & schedule out my pins weeks in advance, leaving me plenty of time to do some manual pinning a few times a week during peak hours. 

While there are a lot of different social media scheduling tools out there and apps like Hootsuite, Buffer, Viralwoot and Viraltag, my focus is solely on Tailwind. 

In this post I discuss Tailwind and why it’s better than all of the other social media management tools for Pinterest. 

What is Pinterest?

In case you don’t know, Pinterest (sometimes pronounced as pin-trest) is a visual search engine comprised of “pins.” 

So…. is pinterest social media? 

Not exactly. Although Tailwind is a social media posting tool, Pinterest is not technically considered a social media platform like Instagram or Facebook. It’s actually more on the level of Google except instead of a word search it’s a visual search. 

Pinterest currently boasts 250 million users per month and growing. In February 2018, over 600 million searches were hosted on the platform. And not only that but 98% of users go out and actually try the ideas they find on Pinterest. 

Seems like a waste to NOT be on the platform right? 

Here are some other common questions people have about Pinterest:

  • Is Pinterest Free? 
    • YES!
  • When did Pinterest Start? 
    • 2010
  • How Does Pinterest Work? 
    • By users “repinning” a Pinterest Pin to their own personal Pinterest boards. The pins are linked to websites/blogs/videos that provide more information- just like Google!
  • How to Sign Up for Pinterest? 
    • Visit Pinterest.com and create an account using an email and password or via Facebook or Google.

There is also a Pinterest app that is a free download. (pinterest app download here)

Why You Should Have a Pinterest For Business Account

Pinterest gained a lot of popularity in the early 2010’s as a place to find inspiration for DIY (do it yourself) projects. But savvy entrepreneurs, like Melyssa Griffin and others, saw its potential and started building their online businesses through the platform.

If you intend to use Tailwind for your blog or business, the first thing you should do after signing up for Pinterest is to switch it to the free business account. 

With a pinterest business account you get access to pinterest analytics, more control over branding and content attribution and a special business profile. Plus it’s still free!

To get a pinterest business account, use your pinterest login and visit the Pinterest for Business section. 

You’ll see a red button that prompts you to ‘Convert your existing account.” Click on that and follow the instructions including selecting your business type and verifying your website. 

All set?

Now let’s move on to how to use pinterest and tailwind to increase your blog traffic!

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What is Tailwind for Pinterest?

Firstly, Tailwind is an approved partner of Pinterest meaning you can rest assured your accounts will stay in good standing. 

Tailwind app connects to your Pinterest account to post on your behalf at the best times of the day for your audience saving you hours every week of manual pinning! 

It also provides in-depth analytics on all of your pins showing you repin counts, board reports and the traffic Pinterest sends through Google Analytics integration. 

All of this (plus more features I discuss below) make Tailwind the best social media scheduler for Pinterest.

How to Post on Pinterest Using Tailwind

So how do you post on Pinterest using Tailwind, you ask? It’s super easy!

In the above video I walk you through how to add a pin to your Tailwind queue, add a description, add it to a Tailwind Tribe, add it to your Smart Loop, set an interval and schedule!

But if you just want a quick visual guide see the steps below.

Click “create new pin” at the top to add a pin to your Tailwind app

1. Start from your Tailwind Drafts Dashboard.

2. Click + Create new Pin in the top right or drag & drop your pin into the drafts section. I create all of my Pinterest pins in Canva using the Pinterest template.

Select your Pinterest boards and add a keyword rich description.

3. Select which Pinterest Boards will get your pin. Be sure to select only the your most relevant personal or group Pinterest boards. Simply click into the box and a list of your boards will appear.

4. To save even more time, group your boards by type using the Tailwind “board lists” feature. For example, I’ve created a Digital Nomad board lists which includes all of the boards you see above that are related to being a digital nomad. If one doesn’t perfectly fit, I can easily click the x to delete the pin being added to it.

5. Add a description of your pin to let others know what it’s about and being sure to include some top Pinterest keywords.

6. Direct your pin to the correct URL. Mine is set to default to my homepage of my website, but when I have a pin linking to a specific blog post or youtube video I make sure I update it with the exact URL. You don’t want anyone to have to search for your article.

7. Set a publishing interval. If you don’t want your pins to all be published back to back (which you probably don’t!), set the interval to how often you want that pin to appear. I usually set it somewhere between 8 hours – 1 day. You may want to play around with it to see what you think is best for your audience.

Before scheduling, go ahead and add to your Tribes and Smartloop.

7. From here, add your pin to your Tribes and SmartLoop using the buttons appropriate buttons. (more information about these features below)

9. Click “Add to Queue!”

That’s it!

Tailwind will upload to Pinterest at the most opportune time based on your audience usage. In general, most people are on Pinterest between 7-10pm.

You can add as many pins as you would like to schedule days and weeks in advance. Viewing the planner and scheduler section with show you your Pinterest Calendar with all of your Pinterest posts.

And don’t worry if you made a mistake, you can always edit the pin before it gets posted, if needed.

Not convinced that Tailwind is the best pinterest scheduler yet? Let’s keep going.

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Using Tailwind Tribes to Boost Your Presence

It’s great to post your own pins to Pinterest daily, but you also don’t want to spam your followers with only your content.

As part of your Pinterest strategy, you should be pinning other people pins more than your own. I generally try to follow the 70/30 rule to fill up my Pinterest boards.

The easiest way to find other peoples’ pins to queue is by joining a Tailwind Tribe. You can join up to 5 tribes in your niche and share up to 30 pieces of content for free with the basic plan. And if you want to join more or share more content you can purchase a power up.

And just like you’re posting from your tribes other people do too! Which means if you add your content pins to your tribes you’ll be able to reach others’ audiences.

Here are some stats from 2 of my Tailwind groups:

I’ve reached 144k people on Pinterest!
And in this tribe with similar share amounts I’ve reached 761k people!

On the top row you can see how active the tribe is. Below on the 2nd row are how many times tribe members have shared my content to their own boards.

The amount of additional reach you can get from a handful of pins makes joining tribes part of your Tailwind management a no brainer.

Please note that these are my personal results and Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members.

Tailwind SmartLoops

It took me a bit of time to jump on the smartloop train, but I’m not sure why. It’s quickly become one of my favorite Pinterest tools and I’m highly considering purchasing a powerup.

SmartLoops give you the ability to make a selection of your pins evergreen. This is great if you have holiday related ones and you only want them posting on Pinterest certain times of the year.

Or like for me, I created loops based on my main topics – Digital Nomad, Online Business and Travel Tips and I have those pins looping year round. Whatever your Pinterest marketing strategy, SmartLoops can help!

And Because Pinterest is a visual search engine it’s okay to repost pins every 3+ months so that they get a new audience. You can always add or remove pins based on their performance so you’re always putting your best foot forward.

How Much Does Tailwind Cost

Tailwind Pricing Plan

Tailwind for Pinterest Free Trial

  • 100 scheduled pins

Tailwind Plus Plan:

  • The monthly plan costs $15/month.
  • The annual plan costs $119/year.

Tribes PowerUps:

5 tribes and up to 30 submissions of content per month are included in the plus plan.

  • Pro includes 10 tribes and 80 submissions $22.48/month or $159/year
  • Max includes unlimited tribes and 200 submissions $29.98/month or $199/year
  • Unlimited is for both tribes and number of submissions $60/month or $359/year

SmartLoop PowerUps:

250 SmartLoop posts are included in the plus plan. This is counted as 1 pin to 1 board.

  • 500 SmartLoop Posts is $7.50/month or $60/year
  • 1,000 SmartLoop posts is $15/month or $120/year
  • Unlimited SmartLoop posts is $45/month or $360/year

Unlimited Bundle:

For the power user, there is an unlimited bundle deal which includes the Plus and Unlimited Tribes and SmartLoop PowerUps. By bundling members are able to save $360/year compared to paying for each separately.

  • $479/ year (there is no monthly plan option)

Try Tailwind for Pinterest for Free

Tailwind for Instagram

And if you’re looking for a more multi-purpose social media scheduling tool, Tailwind has expanded beyond Pinterest and now includes Instagram! Tailwind is also an official partner of Instagram so you know your account is safe.

I did a free trial of Tailwind for Instagram and really loved it! I’ve used a couple of different instagram schedulers in the past and Tailwind is right up there (or better) with them.

I chose not to join their instagram manager tool as it’s not a big marketing strategy for my business, but if that ever changes I’ll be sticking with Tailwind.

With the instagram scheduler you can schedule posts, stories and videos, find the best hashtags, plan your grid, monitor comments, and track results! It really is an all in one instagram marketing tool.

AND it posts to Instagram for you at the right time which that feature alone is enough to pay for the $15/month.

Like for Pinterest, there is no time limit on the free trial and stead counts your posts. Of which, you can get up to 30 free scheduled posts to Instagram during this time.

Become a Tailwind Affiliate (after you fall in love with the tool)

And if you end up becoming a big Tailwind fan (and I’m sure you will) you can become an affiliate, like me!

The Tailwind affiliate program provides a 15% commission on all sales plus guidance from the Tailwind team. I only promote products I use and love and I both use and love Tailwind!

What do you think?! Leave a comment letting me know your impressions of Tailwind and whether or not you use Pinterest for Business and why.

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