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The life of a digital nomad is exhilarating. It explores new cultures, embraces diverse experiences, and works from breathtaking locations. But with this freedom comes a unique set of risks and challenges.

That’s where comprehensive travel insurance for digital nomads comes in, whether you’re a seasoned remote worker or embarking on your nomadic journey. The right insurance can offer peace of mind and protect you from unexpected medical emergencies, trip cancellations, theft, etc.

Here is the list of the top 7 travel insurance for digital nomads in 2024

1. SafetyWing

SafetyWing is a favourite among digital nomads for its affordability and flexibility, making it an excellent option for budget-conscious travellers. Their Nomad Insurance plan is designed specifically for remote workers and long-term travellers. It offers a convenient monthly subscription model with the option to quickly add or remove coverage as needed.

It allows you to visit any hospital or doctor globally, ensuring access to healthcare wherever you are, and claims can be filed directly online for added convenience. They also provide unique benefits like coverage for travel to your home country and even limited coverage for some pre-existing conditions, which is often difficult to find in other plans.


  • Flexible Subscriptions – You can start, pause, or cancel monthly plans anytime.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – Medical expenses up to $250,000, including COVID-19 treatment.
  • Emergency Evacuation – Coverage for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.
  • Travel Disruption – Compensation for travel delays, interruption, and lost luggage.
  • Coverage Area – Global coverage, except for home country coverage for U.S. residents.


Starting at $56 per 4 weeks, SafetyWing is comprehensive and budget-friendly.

Strengths and Limitations of SafetyWing

It offers numerous advantages for digital nomads, but knowing their strengths and limitations is essential. Both sides will help you determine if SafetyWing is the right fit for your nomadic lifestyle.


  • Affordable monthly plans
  • Coverage for COVID-19
  • Access to any hospital or doctor in the world


  • Limited coverage for high-risk activities
  • No coverage for U.S. residents

2. World Nomads

World Nomads is well-known for its comprehensive coverage, particularly for those engaging in adventure activities like scuba diving, skiing, and more. They offer various coverage levels to accommodate different budgets and travel styles. Their plans cater to the needs of digital nomads, offering flexibility and peace of mind.

Although it might be pricier than other options, the extensive coverage, including gear protection, trip cancellation, and 24/7 emergency assistance, is often worth the investment for peace of mind on your travels. If you know more about it, read the complete World Nomads review and buy if it suits your needs.


  • Schengen Compliance – Meets all Schengen visa requirements.
  • Medical Coverage – Up to €100,000 in medical expenses.
  • Repatriation – Coverage for medical repatriation.
  • 24/7 Support – Multilingual customer support is available 24/7.
  • Trip Disruption – Coverage for trip interruption and lost luggage.


Plans vary based on your country of residence and trip duration, typically starting around $100 for a two-week trip.

Strengths and Limitations of World Nomads

The strengths and limitations are crucial for digital nomads considering this insurance provider. These aspects can help you assess whether Cigna Global meets your needs and lifestyle requirements.


  • Extensive coverage for adventure activities
  • Flexible plans tailored for digital nomads
  • 24/7 emergency assistance


  • It can be more expensive than other options
  • Limited coverage duration

3. IMG Global

IMG Global offers a variety of plans that can be customized to suit your specific needs, whether you’re a solo traveller or a family. Its high coverage limits and the inclusion of telemedicine services offering virtual consultations with healthcare professionals make it stand out. It’s an excellent choice for digital nomads seeking comprehensive coverage.

Managing their health remotely is invaluable for digital nomads who are frequently moving. While the options might seem overwhelming initially, the ability to tailor your plan is a significant advantage, ensuring you only pay for what you need. It also has a strong reputation for providing customer service and claims processing.


  • Customizable Plans – There are various options to tailor coverage to your needs.
  • High Coverage Limits – Up to $1,000,000 in medical coverage.
  • Telemedicine Services – Access to telemedicine consultations.
  • Emergency Evacuation – Comprehensive coverage for emergency evacuations.
  • Travel Assistance – They include travel and medical assistance services.


Plans start around $50 monthly, with varying prices based on coverage options.

Strengths and Limitations of IMG Global

They present a range of advantages for digital nomads, but understanding their strengths and limitations is crucial. This insight will assist in determining if IMG Global aligns with your nomadic lifestyle.


  • Wide range of customizable plans
  • High coverage limits
  • Telemedicine services included


  • It can be complex to navigate the policy options
  • Higher premiums for extensive coverage

4. Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz is a trusted name in travel insurance, offering a range of plans that provide extensive coverage for single and multi-trip journeys. Their annual multi-trip plans are particularly beneficial for digital nomads who travel frequently, saving them from the hassle of purchasing new insurance for each adventure.

While premiums can be higher than some budget options, their excellent customer service and comprehensive coverage, including medical evacuation and repatriation, provide peace of mind for even the most intrepid nomads. They also have a straightforward claims process, ensuring a hassle-free experience if you need to file a claim.


  • Annual Plans – Multi-trip plans for frequent travellers
  • Trip Protection – Trip cancellation, interruption, and delay coverage
  • Medical Coverage – Extensive medical and dental coverage
  • Emergency Assistance – 24/7 global emergency assistance
  • Rental Car Coverage – Protection for rental car damage or theft


Annual plans start at approximately $135, offering great value for frequent travellers.

Strengths and Limitations of Allianz Travel Insurance

They provide a range of benefits for digital nomads, but understanding their strengths and limitations is crucial in deciding if it aligns with your nomadic lifestyle.


  • Comprehensive coverage options
  • Excellent customer service
  • Annual multi-trip plans available


  • Higher premiums for extensive coverage
  • Coverage limits for adventure activities

5. AXA Schengen

For digital nomads travelling primarily within Europe, AXA Schengen offers affordable plans that meet all Schengen visa requirements, making it a convenient and compliant choice for those exploring the region. Their plans include medical expenses, repatriation, and emergency services, ensuring your protection during your European adventures.

They also offer additional coverage options like baggage loss or delay, providing extra peace of mind while travelling. You might need a more comprehensive global plan if your travels take you beyond Europe, as AXA Schengen’s coverage is limited to the Schengen area. It is a reliable and cost-effective solution for those focused on European destinations.


  • Schengen Compliance – Meets all Schengen visa requirements.
  • Medical Coverage – Up to €100,000 in medical expenses.
  • Repatriation – Coverage for medical repatriation.
  • 24/7 Support – Multilingual customer support is available 24/7.
  • Trip Disruption – Coverage for trip interruption and lost luggage.


Plans start at €30 for a 7-day trip, making it an affordable option for short-term travel within Europe.

Strengths and Limitations of AXA Schengen

It offers several advantages for travellers exploring Europe under the Schengen visa. Understanding its strengths and limitations is crucial for determining if AXA Schengen aligns with your travel needs.


  • Affordable plans for European travel
  • Meets Schengen visa requirements
  • 24/7 multilingual support


  • Limited global coverage
  • Basic coverage options

6. Cigna Global

Cigna Global is renowned for its extensive network of healthcare providers worldwide. They ensure you can access quality medical care wherever your travels take you. Their tailored plans for expatriates and digital nomads offer flexibility and comprehensive coverage. It allows you to choose the level of protection that suits your lifestyle and budget.

While Cigna Global is a premium provider, they offer additional services like wellness programs and preventive care, adding value to your insurance plan. Their higher premiums and potential long-term commitment might be a drawback for those seeking more budget-friendly options or shorter-term coverage.


  • Global Network – Access to a vast network of healthcare providers
  • Customizable Plans – Tailored plans to fit individual needs
  • High Coverage Limits – Up to $1,000,000 in medical coverage
  • Telehealth Services – Includes telehealth and virtual consultations
  • Wellness Programs – Access to wellness and preventive care programs


Plans start at around $100 per month, with prices depending on the level of coverage and options selected.

Strengths and Limitations of Cigna Global

The strengths and limitations are crucial for digital nomads considering this insurance provider. These aspects can help you assess whether Cigna Global aligns with your needs and lifestyle requirements.


  • Extensive global network of healthcare providers
  • Tailored plans for expatriates and nomads
  • High coverage limits


  • Higher premiums
  • Some plans require a long-term commitment

7. InsureMyTrip

InsureMyTrip is a platform that compares travel insurance plans from various providers, allowing you to easily compare prices, benefits, and coverage levels from different companies in one place. This comprehensive comparison tool simplifies the search process and helps you find the best coverage for your needs and budget.

While they offer a convenient way to explore various options, the quality of coverage can vary depending on the provider you choose. It’s essential to review each plan carefully, including exclusions and limitations, before deciding on its user-friendly interface and transparent comparison features. It can be a valuable tool in your quest for the perfect insurance.


  • Comparison Tool -Compare plans from multiple insurers easily.
  • Customizable Plans – Tailor coverage to your specific needs.
  • Customer Support – Strong support to help choose the right plan.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – Options for medical, trip, and gear coverage.
  • User Reviews – Access to user reviews for informed decision-making.


Vary based on the selected plan and provider. Start from $20 for a short trip and scale up depending on coverage options and duration.

Strengths and Limitations of InsureMyTrip

It offers several advantages for digital nomads, but it is crucial to understand their strengths and limitations. This information will help you assess if InsureMyTrip aligns with your nomadic lifestyle.


  • Easy comparison of multiple insurers
  • Customizable plans
  • Strong customer support


  • It can be overwhelming, with many options
  • Varying coverage quality depending on the provider

Why Do Digital Nomads Need Health Insurance?

Digital nomads need health insurance because their lifestyle involves travelling to various countries. Each has different healthcare systems and potential risks. Health insurance protects against unexpected medical expenses, accidents, and illnesses. It ensures access to quality healthcare wherever they are.

It also covers emergencies like evacuations and repatriation, which can be costly. With insurance, digital nomads can avoid significant financial risks and may be able to receive timely medical care. It makes health insurance essential for a safe and worry-free nomadic lifestyle.

What’s the Difference Between Digital Nomad Health Insurance and Travel Insurance?

Digital nomad health insurance and travel insurance serve different purposes. Digital nomad health insurance provides comprehensive medical coverage for long-term stays abroad, including routine check-ups, chronic condition management, and emergency care.

It caters to those living and working in multiple countries for extended periods. Travel insurance is typically short-term, covering trip-related issues like cancellations, lost luggage, and emergency medical treatment during specific trips.

While travel insurance suits occasional travellers, digital nomad health insurance caters to digital nomads’ continuous, global lifestyles.

Bottom Line

The right travel insurance for digital nomads is crucial, providing peace of mind and protection against unforeseen events. Whether you prioritize affordability, comprehensive coverage, or flexibility, there’s a plan that fits your needs. There’s a plan that fits your needs. Consider your travel habits and the activities you’ll engage in.

Selecting the best travel insurance for your nomadic lifestyle in 2024 depends on your budget.

Safe travels!

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