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Every Traveler has their Essential Travel Items

I’m sharing with you my top 10 essential travel items that I take with me everywhere I go! After spending a year traveling and house sitting, I’m taking you behind the scenes and into my suitcase for my most useful travel accessories of 2019.

My Top 10 World Travel Essentials

Here is a list of the items I discuss in the video and links to where you can purchase them.

Headphone cord holders wrapped around nicely organized headphones and a charger cord

Headphone Cord Wrap There is nothing worse than going to plug something in and wasting minutes of your day untangling the cord. That is why I love my headphone cord organizers.

KeepCup reusable coffee cup for busy people on the go who want a spill and leak proof option

KeepCup KeepCup is a brand of reusable coffee cups that I fell in love with in New Zealand. The weight, the material, and design make it the cream of the crop, in my opinion. I’ve also never had a travel mug this leak or spill proof. They have a lot of designs and material options so you can find one that fits your personality!

Need some coffee for your new KeepCup? Check out Lifeboost Coffee for the healthiest, tastiest cup of coffee possible.

Reusable bags are not only eco-friendly but also one of my most useful travel accessories

Small Reusable Bags New Zealand went through a plastic bag ban during my time there so making sure I had a reusable bag on me was a must at all times. And while I do also travel with larger grocery style bags, the ones that fit in my purse have come in handy so many times that I never leave home without one.

Resistance bands are easy lightweight and small making them a perfect travel item

Resistance Bands– For when a run or body weight workout just isn’t enough. I prefer working out with weights, but I don’t have that option most of the time. So the workout bands really come in handy to add a little extra resistance to my workouts.

Check out my post on How to Stay Fit While Traveling for ideas on how to use your resistance bands

A packable rain jacket is an essential travel item must

Packable Rain Jacket– I found this at Kathmandu after arriving to New Zealand. The most important thing for me was to find one that packed up real nice and small. This one checked all the boxes by folding up into its own pocket for an ideal packing size.

Universal adapter with USB ports

Adapter with USB Ports– This is my first adapter with USB ports and all I can say is, “Where have you been all my life.” Be like me and say ,”no more!” to playing musical chairs with charging electronics.

Find out the Best Cities for Digital Nomads so you try out your new adapter!

Rose Quartz Face Roller is the best travel accessory for women

Rose Quartz Face Roller– As someone who isn’t much into beauty products, I really love my face roller. I consider it to be one of the best travel accessories for women. I mainly use it to reduce any stress or anxiety I may be feeling and as a refresher from long flights or sleepless nights.

Sea Bands are worn around your wrist and use pressure points to keep motion sickness at bay.

Sea Bands– Because motion sickness sucks! If you suffer from this like me, than I highly recommend trying out the sea bands. I’ve used them on boats, car and bus rides and the pressure point method works surprisingly well.

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Microfibre Travel Towel that dries quickly is a must have travel item

Quick Dry Travel Towel– You’ll see most travelers recommend this and for good reason, it’s the most efficient way to travel with a towel! It can also double as a beach towel or blanket or many other things if you need it to. I didn’t start with one of these and quickly regretted waiting to get one.

My new favorite essential travel item is packing cubes. They come in different sizes and help keep your suitcase organized.

Packing Cubes – A year ago was my first time trying out packing cubes and I’m now an avid supporter of them. Some people don’t care for them, but I think they make a huge difference in keeping my suitcase organized and providing space.

And if you have any other essential travel items that you feel are must haves leave a comment letting me know!

See my post on Suitcase Packing Using the KonMari Method for tips on how to get the most of your packing cubes!

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