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During a house sit i Petworth, D.C. USA, I was able to visit a handful of coffee shops and get some work done while there. Here were my favorites of those I visited.

Colony Club

Located in Parkview, just north of the main tourist center, the Colony Club is the perfect place to get some work done. There is good lighting and plenty of seats available with a downstairs, upstairs and outside garden. Power will be a little harder to come by as there aren’t an abundance of plugs, but they are available if you get lucky or are willing to sit in a different area while charging. 

They offer coffee, tea and beers on draft as well as pastries and small sandwiches. The inside space has good lighting and will be full of other individuals working/studying providing for a good focused atmosphere. There is music playing but it’s not too loud or distracting. The upstairs area also has a ping pong table if you need a break and the outdoor garden is spacious and a great option on a nice day. 

Wifi Speed: Great
Menu Variety: Low
Power Outlets: Few and far between
A/C: Yes (and slightly on the cold side)
Location: 3118 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC  20010
Cafe Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-5pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm
Bar Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 5pm-11pm, Friday-Saturday 5pm-12am


Located in historic DuPont Circle, Emissary was one of my favorite cafes I visited during my time in D.C. I was surprised upon first walking in how busy they were but that I still saw open tables and seats. Their cafe was the biggest of the ones I visited and extended back through 3 different rooms, each with thier own flair. Of course, the all day breakfast and robust menu didn’t hurt either.

There were many people in here working on laptops so I didn’t feel bad for taking up a small table. There was also a good mix of people there to just eat or have work meetings and social gatherings. Outlets were varied and since it was so busy all, already taken. But overall I really enjoyed the energy of the cafe and wasn’t distracted by outside noise.

Wifi Speed: Good
Menu Variety: High
Power Outlets: Good
A/C: Yes
Location: 2032 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036
Cafe Hours: Monday – Friday 7am – 10pm, Saturday – Sunday 8am – 10pm
Happy Hour: Monday – Friday 4-7pm

Homestead / Qualia Coffee

While two different establishments, I’m combining them because they have the same owner and are next door. Homestead DC and Qualia Coffee, located in Petworth, were a perfect find on a Sunday. Homestead DC is a typical busy brunch location on the weekends. I arrived around 12pm and was able to find a seat up on the 3rd floor where it is open seating. The menu was varied and there are plenty of alholic bevarages on tap to help the creative juices.

Qualia Coffee is right next door, and when I asked about ordering a coffee they directed me to go next door and said I could bring it back into the restaurant. Qualia was very small and quaint and not a location I would consider staying in for more than consuming my beverage. But being able to take my coffee back to Homestead was a huge plus.

Wifi Speed: Very Good
Menu Variety: High
Power Outlets: Varied
A/C: Yes
Homestead Location: 3911 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC 20011
Homestead Hours: Monday – Friday 11am- 1:30am, Saturday 10am – 1:30am, Sunday 10am – 12am
Qualia Coffee Location: 3917 Georgia Ave., NW Washington, DC 20011
Qualia Coffee Hours: Wednesday- Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am – 5pm, Monday – Tuesday Closed

The Coupe

The Coupe is an “everyday, anytime neighborhood gathering place.” I’m honestly sad I didn’t make it back here because the breakfast sandwich I had kept me thinking about it for weeks, it was THAT good. It was a busy weekend when I popped in, but I was able to find a seat at the open seating bar. Note that I don’t typically encourage sitting at restaurants during their busiest hours, but in the few exceptions I’ve done so I’ve always ordered a meal and couple of drinks during my visit to make it worth the server’s time.

As this is not a true coffee cafe, it’s hard to write a review, but I will say the food and drink made it worth it! I was unable to connect to the wifi so I chose to write in Microsoft Word instead, which was totally fine with me. During the week, may be a better time visit the restaurant to see if you can find any outlets or a quieter environment. While I was very productive during my short time there, I would recommend bringing your laptop during a slower period.

Wifi Speed: Unable to connect
Menu Variety: High
Power Outlets: Few
A/C: Yes
Location: 3415 11th Street NW, Washington, DC 20010
Cafe Hours: Sunday – Thursday 7am – 10pm, Friday – Saturday 7am – 11pm

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